Vucetich gives first press conference ahead of crunch qualifiers


Victor Manuel Vucetich, Mexico’s new manager, today faced the media as he met with his Mexican based squad ahead of the crucial World Cup Qualifiers with Panama and Costa Rica. With qualification hanging in the balance and the appointment coming with little time to make changes, Vucetich answered questions on these issues, as well as recalls for Rafa Marquez. He also sent out a warning to the likes of Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez as he stressed the importance of picking players who are playing regularly.

Despite the gloom surrounding Mexican football in recent weeks following a series of poor results, Vucetich was keen to stress that this was in the past. The slate is wiped clean from here on and there was a clear focus on the future. He stressed that the players that he has picked share his positivity, they are committed to the cause and are determined to qualify for the World Cup in Brasil.

Vucetich’s recall of the highly experienced, Rafa Marquez created some headlines despite Marquez’s fantastic performances of late for Leon. Many have suggested that his inclusion is proof of a lack of leadership within the squad but Vucetich was quick to brush this off.

“We need 11 leaders , not just one , we want people involved and what needs to change is the attitude of some of the members , because the players have not shown their quality ,” he said.

This change in attitude seems to be Vucetich’s main line at present as he is all too aware that he has not had the time to make too much of a mark on the squad.

One thing that he did make clear in terms of his selection was that there would be no guarantees. In a warning shot to some of the European based players, the coach made it very clear that those who are not playing regularly cannot expect to play for the national side. This it would seem, is a clear warning to Manchester United striker, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez who has found playing time hard to come by at Old Trafford since the signing of Robin van Persie, and Barcelona’s Jonathan Dos Santos.

Vucetich was also asked about the possibility of Carlos Vela and Guillermo Ochoa returning to play for El Tri. He stated that, he had not ” personally had contact with them ” because it is the responsibility of Director of Football, Hector Gonzalez Iñárritu. It’s a little unclear why Vucetich doesn’t feel it is his responsibility but obviously the addition of these players would be a huge boost to the side.

The training camp will continue until Wednesday, when the players will go back to their clubs, before meeting again and Vucetich choosing which players will face Panama and Costa Rica. Whoever he picks at this stage all that is important is that Mexico get their qualification back on track with two wins.


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