El Tri set for change again? Vucetich out and Herrera in


Vucetich (left) looks set to be replaced by Herrera (right)

The rumour that Victor Manuel Vucetich will be relieved of his duty as Mexico Manager appears to have gathered pace over the past 24 hours and it is now being reported that his departure will be confirmed tomorrow and his replacement will be Club America boss, Miguel Herrera. With the World Cup Playoff against New Zealand a month away and Vucetich only being in charge for 2 matches it comes as some surprise that the FMF would swing the axe so hastily.

Vucetich’s very short stint in charge of El Tri comprises of a narrow home win over Panama and Tuesday’s defeat to Costa Rica. Thankfully the USA ensured Mexico’s place in the playoffs but the expectation that Vucetich would now be given the time to guarantee qualification and then plan for the World Cup in 2014.

Given his exemplary CV and having just 2 games to make a change the move would be a very harsh one. With 5 Liga MX titles, 3 CONCACAF Champions League titles, 2 Copa Mexicos and 2 Manager of the Year Awards it is hard to find a better qualified manager than Vucetich. Certainly Herrera’s CV does not make such impressive reading.

Miguel Herrera has just 1 Liga MX title to his name, when his America side won the Clausura tournament last time out and although they look odds on to repeat that in this year’s Inicial, it is not obvious that El Tri’s fortunes will change.

It is understood that Herrera would oversee the playoffs with New Zealand and also remain with America until the end of the season. This represents a sizeable gamble on behalf of the FMF given the magnitude of the tie with New Zealand.

Perhaps what the FMF are looking for is someone with a bit more passion. Certainly Herrera represents a slightly more vocal option in comparison with his fairly guarded predecessors, De La Torre and Vucetich. The tie with New Zealand represents a cup-tie and the hope would be that Herrera would get the players fired up.

The other expectation would be that El Tri would mirror Club America, as Herrera has enjoyed such success. That could mean a shift to a 5-3-2 with attacking wing-backs providing width and Raul Jimenez leading the line. There has even been a suggestion that Herrera would bring in Argentine winger, Ruben Sambueza who has performed so admirably in the Estadio Azteca for America.

Whatever is decided tomorrow it is time the FMF look a little deeper at what could be the reasons behind El Tri’s recent failures. Vucetich is certainly not the root of the problem so it will be interesting to see what the future holds if Herrera steps up as expected.


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