Vela welcomes a potential Arsenal return


Real Sociedad striker, Carlos Vela has spoken about a potential return to Arsenal and said that “it wouldn’t be very intelligent” if The Gunners opted not to activate their buy-back clause this summer. Having proved himself in La Liga, Arsenal could bring back the 25-year old for just €4 million, a fraction of the reported €30 million release clause if another team wants to buy him. With Arsenal looking for reinforcements up front, Vela’s bold claim seems to hold some water.

16 goals and 12 assists this season for Sociedad puts Vela in the top bracket of performers in La Liga which is why rumours of interest from new league champions, Atlético Madrid and Valencia appear completely justified. Understandably for this reason and the potentially lucrative deal that Sociedad could miss out on, President Jokin Aperribay is not keen on Arsenal activating their option.

Aperribay may not been keen but it seems Vela is not of the same opinion. In an interview with El Diario Vasco, the former Arsenal striker spoke about the clause, “During the last two summers, Arsenal were not interested in activating it, so we had no trouble. It makes sense they will activate the clause now. A club that sees that a player is performing well for three years and has the chance of having him back for just an extra million… (Arsenal received €3m for the 50% of Vela’s rights in 2012) If Arsenal wouldn’t pay that amount they wouldn’t be very intelligent.

Vela’s initial spell in London never really took off after arriving to much fanfare after just winning the World Youth Championship with México. First team chances were limited but most fans were of the opinion that Vela did not fulfil his true potential. Since leaving the Emirates Stadium, he has certainly flourished and Vela believes that things would be different now if he was back in London.

Arsenal gave me the opportunity to come to Europe when I was 17. I didn’t have as many opportunities as I expected and I had to try new chances. If I have to return to London, I will try to make things in a different way in order so that happened in the past won’t be repeated again. Now I speak English. I know what I would find there and what I won’t, so I could handle my return in a different way. But today, I don’t know if I am going to return or not, we will see, it’s a matter of time.”

The deal is by now means done and Vela added that remaining in Spain and with Sociedad is still an option but this latest statement certainly seems that if Arsenal want this deal to happen they will not find much resistance from the player.

The happiness that I feel in San Sebastian will play an important role in my decision. I seek the best, not only for me but also for Arsenal. The Gunners are the owners of my rights. It’s a decision that must be taken with plenty of calm”.

“Regarding a future deal, there are three parts and if they don’t reach an agreement, there will be problems and it will be difficult to solve. We have to find a solution that convinces the three part of this negotiation. Obviously, the opinion of the player is always important, because if I am not happy in a new destination it will be difficult to perform well.”


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