Toluca’s ‘Museo de la Fama’


Toluca fan, Andries Oosterveen returns with an insight into his club and their impressive ‘Museo de la fama‘….

When one takes the time to read up on the history of Mexican league football it will soon become obvious as to who the top three football clubs in Mexico are.  Historically teams from the cities namely Mexico City and Guadalajara have been winning the league championships.  Teams such as Club America, UNAM, Chivas Guadalajara and Cruz Azul come to mind.

 But Mexican football is not just about those cities and teams but other teams who also have an interesting history, groups of supporters, team emblem, stadium and are based in really special and culturally different parts of the country.  Teams also that do not have the unlimited political, financial and media support of businessman such as Carlos Slim or companies like Televisa and whose history and achievements in whatever size and form are based on honesty, hard work, integrity, respect and a great community spirit.

 One such football club and who is ranked in the top three for most league title wins with 10 is located around one hours drive from Mexico City in the town of Toluca, which is the capital of the state of Estado de Mexico.  The name of the football club is Deportivo Toluca or to locals Los Choriceros or Diablos Rojos.  Outside of Mexico City and Guadalajara it is Deportivo Toluca who have consistently till this day ensured that the title goes somewhere different and who offer the strongest possible non-city opposition.


Deportivo Toluca is home to a diamond of Mexican museums which for anybody who either loves their football or sport should make the effort to visit even for just the day, especially considering that the entrance is free of charge.  The museum known as Museo Salon de La Fama is found next to the clubs souvenir shop and on the same block as the stadium Estadio Nemesio Diez.

 When one enters the museum and looks around they will be treated to an absolute gigantic array of all kinds of trophies that Toluca has won or been awarded over the years.  They are from different competitions, of different sizes and from matches played against opponents from all over Mexico and the world.  There is also a library, banners of members of the current team, black and white photos of former players, managers and owners and diplomas thanking the club for their contributions to Mexican football over the years.

When one walks through the museum a strong sense of footballing history comes over you and one can’t help but feel honoured to be there.  The dark wooden floors, trophy filled glass cabinets and deadly quiet atmosphere adds to the occasion and sometimes you can feel the many faces from photos and paintings looking down or at you.  This is real sporting history.

 In Toluca and in many towns and cities in Mexico it is very common and becoming more and more common to see youngsters with football shirts of teams from Europe like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Manchester United for example.  Mexican football teams have a lot to bring to the table and as the Museo de La Fama in Toluca shows, they have many special moments and histories to be extremely proud of and should promote more and more.

Andries is a 37 years old Dutchman and has been living in Mexico for the last 6 years with his fiancee. Previously he spent most of his life living, travelling and working all over the world in a variety of countries including Vietnam, Australia and South Africa. He has been writing for Golazo Mexicano, Total Dutch Football and Soccerlens since July 2014.


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