Herrera signs new El Tri deal through to 2018


Miguel Herrera has signed a new contract with the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación which will see him lead the side to the World Cup in Russia in 2018. After getting El Tri to Brazil, El Piojo became a fan favourite around the world and following a good performance he has been rewarded with this extension.

The 46-year-old confirmed to reporters in Mexico: “It’s a good contract, we struck a good deal. We’d already come to an agreement a while ago and just needed to sign, which we did today.”

Before thinking about Russia, Herrera admitted that Mexico have a busy 2015 to negotiate. “The coming year there are two important events, the Copa America, which will be difficult to win, but we’ll take a competitive team, and the Gold Cup, which we are obliged (to win).”

Herrera may not be the most tactically astute manager in world football but is a great motivator and certainly appears to have the players backing. After a successful world cup campaign, and the recall of Carlos Vela there is a renewed sense of optimism around El Tri. Herrera deserves his shot and will be judged by his results after an important 2015.


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